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NOLVADEX therapy may be uncommonly associated with serious side effects such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT – blood clots in veins of your leg), pulmonary embolus (blood clots in your lungs) and uterine cancer. In some women, these events were fatal. Less serious side effects such as hot flushes, vaginal discharge, menstrual irregularities and gynaecological conditions may also occur. Whether the benefits of treatment outweigh the risks depends on your age, health history, your level of breast cancer risk and on your personal judgement. NOLVADEX therapy to reduce the risk of breast cancer may not be appropriate for all women at increased risk for breast cancer. An assessment with your healthcare professional of the potential benefits and risks prior to starting therapy for reduction in breast cancer risk is essential. You should understand that NOLVADEX reduces, but does not eliminate, the risk of breast cancer.
There are a number of PCT options and how do you know that Nolvadex 10 mg is the best fit for your needs and that is what you will find out in the below sections. Let us check the Nolvadex reviews posted by the customers, Nolvadex side effects, Nolvadex PCT dosage, Nolvadex bodybuilding support, Nolvadex Gyno use, where to find Nolvadex for sale online and how to find the best price for Nolvadex for men. You will be able to make a well-informed decision about the use of Tamoxifen Nolvadex 10 mg as you will find all the information you need about Nolvadex for men. You will find liquid Nolvadex and Nolvadex pills.
Most users don’t know what Nolvadex is capable of doing. Bodybuilders use this drug to treat gynecomastia or ‘man boobs’. This condition is a side effect of taking too much testosterone. Excess testosterone converts into estrogen and swells the breast tissue in males.
Sure, Nolvadex can effectively reduce the size of the breast. But there is more to this anti estrogen. Nolvadex can also stimulate your body’s natural production of testosterone. This makes it an excellent choice for post cycle therapy. Here’s why we’re confident.
When you’re on anabolic steroids or selective androgen receptor modulator (SARMs) cycle, your body’s natural testosterone production nosedives. Testosterone levels stay suppressed for weeks after you’re off the cycle, forcing you to undergo PCT to boost them.
That’s where Nolvadex comes into play. Various studies have shown that this drug effectively brings testosterone back to a normal, healthy level. It also prevents oestrogen surges, which, if left unattended, may prove to be fatal. Read on to know how.
Nolvadex for men is the brand name drug for Tamoxifen. Liquid Nolvadex and Nolvadex pill is originally a prescription drug used to treat Breast Cancer and a drug that is used to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Nolvadex for Gyno is also a very commonly noted use. However, the way in which Tamoxifen Nolvadex 10 mg works has resulted in a number of off-label uses. One of the most common off-label uses of Tamoxifen Nolvadex for men, is the use of the drug in the post cycle therapy or PCT by the bodybuilders who take steroids to bulk up. 
Despite being used as a key ingredient in any PCT cycle, Nolva is also used for medicinal purposes as it has been used to treat some forms of breast cancer.
It functions in this instance by stopping cancer in the breast from spreading.
As it blocks the effects of estrogen within the breast tissue.
Just because Nolvadex is used as part of PCT, however, that does not mean that the drug itself is actually an anabolic steroid because it isn’t.
Nolvadex is designed to help restore the body’s natural hormone levels after a steroid cycle.
It helps to prevent side effects such as gynecomastia and testosterone suppression, and it could potentially help save lives.

User Reviews 

Sharon | 45-54 | On medication for 5 to less than 10 years | Patient
After lumpectomy and radiation put on tamoxifen hate this little tablet. I hope the cancer doesn’t return after all the drama this pill causes. Hot flushes from hell day and hurendous through the night, very little sleep, weight gain with no way of losing it even when training every day and healthy eating in place.
Bam320 | 45-54 | On medication for 1 to less than 2 years | Patient
I have been on this medicine for almost 1 year since having a lumpectomy . I absolutely hate this medicine , the hot flashes , mood swings , fatigue , bones hurt . It may react differently on other people but I do not describe the hot flashes as that, I myself feel like Iâ??m on fire . If the oncologist wants to switch you to something else they are no different , same to worser side effects I have read . Makes me want to think about discontinuing the medicine .
evilqueen | 45-54 | On medication for 2 to less than 5 years | Patient
Today is my 2 year mark of taking Tamoxifen. I had breast cancer in 2015 followed by double mastectomies. I hate this drug!! My hair stopped growing, my eyes are blurry, my periods are every 3 months sometimes, my body aches, the hot flashes finally eased up, I’m tired and get more headaches than normal. Can’t change drugs until I’m in menopause. I’m 52 so I hope it’s soon!!!
DeejNTexas | 55-64 | On medication for 2 to less than 5 years | Patient
I was diagnosed in December 2013 with stage zero DCIS. Had a lumpectomy followed by one week of partial breast radiation. I was at first put on Arimadex (anastrozole) high I took for about a year. I could no longer deal with the side affects, so my oncologist switched me to Tamoxifen. It has been easier on my body. My side effects have been: terrible hot flashes, rare night sweats, hair thinning, lack of energy, trouble sleeping, feeling of weakness throughout my body. I started taking potassium for foot cramps and that has helped a lot. Oh, and my resting heart rate has increased from around 80 to now 100-105. The only thing my oncologist said was, “Your heart sure is beating fast.” Apparently it is not a listed side effect. Heart doctor said my heart is fine. So, I decided to stop taking the Tamoxifen for one week. My heart rate slowed back down. So yes, it can definitely increase your heart rate. Both my oncologist and breast doctor said that exercise is key in staying cancer free. I’ve started brisk walking with a neighbor. A ketogenic to low carb diet like Atkins are also good. I’ve read that cancer cannot survive with the ketones in your blood. I recommend the book, Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet. Hope this helps!
antbee44 | 55-64 | On medication for 6 months to less than 1 year | Patient
Nine years ago I had a small lump that was cancerous in my rt breast. I had a lumpectomy and 35 radiation treatments. Eight years later I had another lump in the same breast and it was cancerous as well. Had modified radical mastectomy and 3 of 4 reconstruction surgeries. I have been taking Tamoxifen for 9 months. I too have the severe hot flashes, can’t sleep nights, I used to have thick beautiful hair. Not any more! My fingernails are paper thin. I am lethargic, get winded real easily, have gained weight. I am on meds to lose weight. I hate this drug. If I didn’t have grandchildren that I want to see grow up, I would be off of this stuff in a New York minute
justme | 55-64 | On medication for 6 months to less than 1 year | Patient
Oct/2015: biopsy results were questionable. Nov/2015: lumpectomy came back positive for Stage 0 DCIS. Dec/2015: bilateral mastectomy completed. Feb/2016: began tamoxifen, daily. I was postmenopausal prior to my surgery so the return of night sweats was miserable. The night sweats have back off some but I experience leg cramps during the night now.
tempe | 65-74 | On medication for 1 to 6 months | Patient
Diagnosed with DCIS, Stage 0 in Feb 2016. Am a 66 year old, white female. Had lumpectomy followed with 30 days of radiation. I did not want to take Tamoxifen due to side effects, but decided to do so and then re-visit with medical oncologist if having difficulties. I take in the morning after breakfast (20mg). I have noticed hot flashes during night time sleep, but fortunately not too bad- no night sweats. I am experiencing leg/foot cramping off and on, but also had prior to taking Tamoxifen, so not sure that is a factor. As long as I stay aware of physical changes, have yearly PAP smears and pelvic exams (uterine cancer concerns) and yearly eye check-ups (Tamoxifen contributes to cataract formation) I feel I am doing the most I can do to stay safe while taking Tamoxifen. Of course, this includes breast mammograms, MRIs as suggested by my breast surgeon.
Cold | 35-44 | On medication for 1 to 6 months | Patient
I’m 36 and am on tamoxifen 5-10 years. I’be also had a double mastectomy and am on one year of herceptin. Since starting the tamoxifen my tumors markers have plummeted so that’s a good thing but the drug has been difficult to handle. Insomnia, night sweats, some mild hair loss but not noticeable to anyone other than me. The worst has been feelings of anxiety and panic. Just trying to stay with it and remain cancer free. I was stage 1A.

Nolvadex PCT Protocol

Start your Nolvadex PCT cycle two weeks after finishing a basic testosterone cycle. Wait for the same period if you’ve done a SARMs or anabolic steroids cycle. Some bodybuilders, though, take Nolvadex during and after the cycle. They do that to keep testosterone levels high throughout.
Like all estrogen inhibitors and SERMS that bodybuilders use for post cycle therapy, only a proper Nolvadex dose will work the way you want it to. There are various Nolvadex PCT Protocols, though two of them are more popular among users.


Nolvadex for men is one of the most popular PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) drugs. Bodybuilders use steroids to speed up the results when they are working on bodybuilding goals. If you were to depend totally on your diet and workout regime, then the bodybuilding results would be very slow to show up. You will need the help of steroids and other supplements that will support your body with your bodybuilding efforts. When you make use of steroids with such intentions in mind, it will have a number of other secondary consequences or side effects which you may not intend. This is where the use of drugs like Nolvadex 10 mg supports your body. Nolvadex 10 mg is used in the post cycle therapy to reverse the negative side effects of steroids.